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Supporting early interaction, suitable specially for fathers and their babies.

Tumble time is a baby-book, planned to support early interaction and bonding between newborn babies and their parents, specially their fathers.

Pictures were designed to visually attract babies at the ages 0-24 months. Texts give hints to fathers to communicate, touch and to interact with a small baby.

Jukka Mäkelä, Raisa Cacciatore, Lea Hyvärinen, Osmo Penna. Translation: Kristian London

 I like to pat dad’s face

Pick up your baby often. Hold him, rock him, cradle him. Hugging calms and comforts.

(Tell your baby stories about what’s happening in the pictures. Use your own words. )

 Big hand + little hand = Perfect pair

Look your baby in the eyes. Stroke her firmly from head to toe, down the arms and sides. Don’t forget the back! The massage will make your baby feel good and whole.

 Jungle joy

Squeeze your baby tight. Spin, walk, dance. Your baby loves being held against you. He can only experience this kind of joy with your help.

 Closeness calms

 When your baby cries, a strong, safe lap and firm, soothing strokes offer comfort, even if the crying doesn’t stop right away. Sharing frustrations makes babies feel better, too.


 King of the Hill

Lie on the floor and let your baby climb on top of you. When she’s a little bigger, help her climb higher and higher. Hold on tight!

Catch me if you can!

Wrestle and romp with your child. After roughhousing, gently hug or stroke him  – it will help him to settle down and leave him feeling good about the intense play.

I love you

Touching your child throughout childhood creates a solid bond between the two of you. A nice, firm touch lets your child know how special she is. 


Tumble Time has been designed to support healthy interaction between adults and infants and to strengthen self-esteem in children up to 12 months of age. The shapes and colors used in the pictures give infants something fun and challenging to look at, while the text encourages the adult to touch the child in a positive way. A safe touch generates physical and mental well-being, and teaches the baby to love and value itself. Male touch differs from female touch, and babies need interaction with both sexes.

Tumble Time is based on experiences and expertise gained through the Finnish Family Federation’s Men’s Time and Family Network programs. The team behind the book has solid professional and personal expertise in the care of under-1-year-olds.

Concepted by child psychiatrist Raisa Cacciatore, one of Finland’s best-known specialists in sexual health.

Tumble Time was illustrated by AD and graphic designer Osmo Penna.

The text was written by child psychiatrist, child psychotherapist, and Theraplay therapist Jukka Mäkelä, an expert in early interaction and physical contact.

Consultation in infant vision was provided by Lea Hyväirinen MD, Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences.

English translation by Kristian London.